Use of Technology & Its Values

Use of Technology & Its Values

 The most important aspect of modern life is the ever changing and updating world of technology. Everything around us round technology. It has become the part of daily life. Technology becomes handy while learning a lot of new things. However, always remember that technology also has its our method and manner far use. We must learn use of technology, adapt to them and make them values which we carry throughout our lives.

Use Of Technology & Its Values

Use Of Technology & Its Values

Use Of Technology & Its Values

Machines is everywhere: Machines have taken over a lot of physical lab our people used to carry out. It is very sad to note that video Games and Mobile games have become more interesting than a host of other things. No doubt technology has its open positive side – things get done faster and easier. There are technologies which were not around just a couple of year back but have new become such a big part of our lives that we cannot do without them so, it is important that we remain updated with new different technologies according to our age and necessity we should understand them well and learn how to use them. Technology should be, at all times, and used for the betterment and benefit of individual and society we live in and doing so comes with a set of responsibilities.

Technology helps us to great deal in acquiring knowledge from the ever increasing sea of information while it is acceptable to taken help from the internet to do our school projects. While browsing internet, we should visit the sites which provide healthy knowledge and useful content.

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Be Positive: Like most modern things, technology also has the distinction of its dual role. It may cause harm to people as much as it benefits us. We have heard about people becoming well-known engineers and scientist who learnt about machines in their childhood and dismasting domestic equipment and reassembling it. This is a best way to learn about technology.

Be Cool but Care Full : The new technology taken us into another world and lets you do a lot of thing. But this very uniqueness of technology could land us in trouble when we use it irresponsible and carelessly. Keep this in mind especially when you use the internet. True, we can connect from every corner of the world through e-mail, and social networking sides like Face book. It is a advisable to follow a certain set of manner

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Technology Values : Today, Every topic of Discussion revolves around technology and one can say without doubt that technology making us mechanical in one way or the other but is also making a contribution to today’s fast changing world. It goes without saying that we have begun to think and work in mechanical way.

Always Learn New Things : While it is true that we depend more and more on technology each passing days , we should make full use of it and updating our knowledge . Since the world is changing rapidly , we must ensure that we use technology to attain more knowledge about the NEW TECHNOLGY so that we can adapt to the changes happens in WORLD

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