Death of Universe – Big Bang to Big Crunch

Death of Universe – Big Bang to Big Crunch

 Big Bang – Origin of Universe

The most popular theory of the origin of the Universe. The birth of the universe is well explained and proved by Big Bang. This theory was born of the observation that other galaxies are moving away from each other at a very high speed in all directions some people thinks that Big Bang is a giant explosion but many scientist say that was no such explosion; there was an expansion In this expansion, lot of mars and materials, galaxies, elementary particles are formed and expands continually to form the present day universe. Today, the universe we live is the result of this expansion by Big Bang. And end of Universe is probably by  Big Crunch – reverse phenomena of Big Bang



But as we know, if there is a birth in Nature, then the death is also a true fact. Everything came to an end on one day i.e. Death, whether it is a living things and Non – Living things. This article provides the different theories on the “Death of the Universe.”

The death of the Universe can easily be understood by the concept of entropy of the system which depends only on the state of the system and not on its previous history. It describes the ability of the system to do work. In a reversible process, entropy remains constant where as in an irreversible process,

since, all the natural process occurs in an irreversible process, hence, in an irreversible process, increases. This is called Law of Increase of Entropy.

Now, anyone can be in position to describe the death of the universe. Now, we are familiar that in all natural process the entropy always increases and it attains a maximum value when the system attain the state of equilibrium.

universe formation

The universe consists of all Galaxies, Stars and Planets is considered as a one System. Since the different parts of the universe are at different temperatures, so the heat energy is transferred from hot bodies like Stars to the colder bodies like planets through irreversible process.

This is because according to thermodynamics, Heat is always flows from hotter bodies to colder bodies and this transfer of heat is describing by entropy.

Therefore, the entropy of the universe increases and will become maximum when all the parts of the parts of the universe a quires the same temperature i.e. complete equilibrium is reached. In the state of the complete equilibrium, all the parts of the universe are at same temperature and hence, transference of heat energy from one part to the other part of the universe is impossible.

Big bang - Universe origin

In other wards not even a small amount of heat energy is converted in to useful mechanical work, is inspire of the fact that huge amount of heat energy is available.

Thus the universe is marching towards the state of thermodynamic death. The is called “Heat Death” of the Universe.

The idea of the Heat Death of the universe was first proposed in 1851 by William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin who gave this theory.

Recently, a new calculation of entropy suggests that the Universe is really marching towards Heat Death.

Universe is really marching towards Heat Death.

The theory on the death of the Universe is because of Black Hole. According to this theory, there is a “Mega – Massive” Black Hole at the centre of the universe and it keeps eating matter, and resulting in slow down the edge of the universe. This is about the death of universe by a Black Hole.

The Third theory is opposite to Big Bang in Death of the Universe – Big Crunch.

Big Crunch

According to this theory, the universe will collapse in on itself in the reverse of Big – Bang. This process is called Big Crunch. This ending would results if there is en enough matter in the universe to counteract the forces of expansion.

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