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Death of Universe – Big Bang to Big Crunch

Death of universe

 Big Bang – Origin of Universe The most popular theory of the origin of the Universe. The birth of the universe is well explained and proved by Big Bang. This theory was born of the observation that other galaxies are moving away from each other at a very high speed in all directions some people thinks that Big Bang is a giant explosion but many scientist say that was no…

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Use of Technology & Its Values

 The most important aspect of modern life is the ever changing and updating world of technology. Everything around us round technology. It has become the part of daily life. Technology becomes handy while learning a lot of new things. However, always remember that technology also has its our method and manner far use. We must learn use of technology, adapt to them and make them values which we carry throughout…

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Gravitational Wave Observatory

gravitational waves observatory

Gravitational Wave Observatory Posted in Science by MakeLifeEasy Team Even as top particle physicists the world over recently celebrated the discovery of the Higgs Boson at Geneva’s CERN facility, Indian is geared to add a new dimension to 21ist century astrophysics by setting up a state of the art “Gravitational Wave Observatory.” (G WO), in coloboration with the United States of America as part of a Global Network. What are…

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Three Law of Robotics Evolution of Human like Androids

Three law of Robotics

The definition of Robotics is well known to every person in this time. Robot, A machine which can be able to do every type of complex work, not carried out by Humans. For many people it is a machine corresponding to Human like creature. We are going to talk about three law of robotics and on which bases, Android like robot like working As it is shown in many Hollywood sci-…

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Four kind of Forces in Nature Playing Vital role for life on this planet

forces in nature

Today we are going to talk about Forces in nature, There are found kind of Forces in nature. Force is a word which we have all heard about when you push or pull some object you exert a force on it. If you push a body you exert a force away from yourself and when you pull, you exerts a force tow ads you self. Similarly, you hold a heavy…

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CRESCOGRAPH Non-living Things have also Feeling like living things

According to him the non-living things have also feeling like living things. Huxley visited Bose Institute at Calcutta and gives a brilliant account of the wonderful discoveries of JC Bose about Plant life. JC Bose is best known as a physicist who invented the Crescograph that magnifies the movements of plant tissues ten million times. A Crescograph is a device for measuring growth in Plants. It was invented by great…

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Invisible Cloak Device Can Hide Object – Cloaking Device is Real Now

This is one of good news for those who believe in Science Fiction. Scientist are nearly to create a material that can reflect / bend light from object and object will hide and can’t seen. This is called “INVISIBLE CLOAK” What is INVISIBLE CLOAK Led by Xiang Zhang, director of materials science at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has created a thin film consisting of a 50-nanometer-thick layer of magnesium fluoride topped…

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RGG 118 Black hole found : A Giant Monster in Galaxy


Today we are going to talk about newly RGG 118 Black hole found outside of our galaxy. Black hole found in center of Galaxy. Black hole size is tinny but it contains mass 50,000 times more than our sun. The smallest supermassive black hole ever identified is gobbling material at rates similar to its larger cousins, providing insights into how these behemoths evolve. Every important thing that you should know…

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Space Elevator Could Lift People 12 Miles From Ground

This News for Scifi lover how want to live life like in science fiction movies has. Now this time, a Canadian space company patent for a SPACE ELEVATOR that can reach up to 12 miles from ground Although , Space Elevator is considered as a theoretical technology, they have been billed as a cheaper alternative to rocket launches, especially when it comes to sending heavy objects or people into space…

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FUTURE Technology : Jellyfish Robot in OCEANS

FUTURE Technology : Jellyfish Robot in OCEANS An autonomous robotic jellyfish the size and weight of a grown man has been developed. Nicknamed Cyro, this prototype is a larger model of the robotic jellyfish (named RoboJelly) the same team unveiled in 2012. RoboJelly is roughly the size of a man’s hand, typical of jellyfish found along beaches. Jellyfish are attractive candidates to mimic because of their ability to consume little…

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