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Space Elevator Could Lift People 12 Miles From Ground

This News for Scifi lover how want to live life like in science fiction movies has. Now this time, a Canadian space company patent for a SPACE ELEVATOR that can reach up to 12 miles from ground Although , Space Elevator is considered as a theoretical technology, they have been billed as a cheaper alternative to rocket launches, especially when it comes to sending heavy objects or people into space…

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Exoplanet could contain Water – Kepler-62f

Exoplanet could contain Water – Kepler-62f  Researcher doing some research on dubbed Kepler-62f, has a diameter 40 percent larger than that of Earth, They came up with great news. Here is what they found ”An Exoplanet can have Water “ Researchers said. It means there may also have Carbon and oxygen present in atmosphere. The only codition for water is planet atmosphere should be warm it. They also said that…

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Neon Found on the Moon

Neon Found on the Moon The moon does contains very little sign on of life, Now Researcher found NEON (Ne)on the Moon. NASA’s “LADEE spacecraft “ has found of neon in the wispy lunar atmosphere of Moon, which is properly known as an “exosphere” because it’s so thin — about 100 trillion times less dense than that of Earth at sea level.The presence of neon in the exosphere of the…

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NASA next Mission – Megarocket could go to Europa

NASA next Mission – Megarocket could go to Europa Nasa planning to go around the universe, Is it a great news, yes it is. Nasa will soon start work on Rocket that will go over the an asteroid, Mars and other distant destinations.The Space Launch System (SLS) will launch megarocket in 2018 to fly for the first time. It will be unmanned spacecraft spacecraft toward their targets at incredible speeds,…

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Mars One Mission,

Mars One is now planning to get more investment toward Mars Mission (established some people on mars). They are now working hard to get their Mission successfully. But they are facing financial problem, When Mars started mars mission they were thinking about to complete the mission with some private investors. But now they are planning to get more private investor so their mission could be complete by time – 2028.The…

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Magnetic wormhole

Magnetic wormhole Some century ago, we are looking for Electricity and light. And some time ago, we are thinking about Time Travel and Warm hole. Scientist are working on these and now they made a landmark In direction of Time travel or wormhole . Warmhole is just and theory that can make tunnel between space and time. It means we can go to another Galaxy or other star(s) or go…

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6 Human are going to Mars for one year – Mars one Mission


Mars one Mission – Elon Musk Plan to send human to mars. If this mission will succeed than we can think about Europa.. YEY!!!   This is Second Edition of Mars One Mission. Now Recently news from Mars One Mission, Team of 6 Scientist went to live alone in confines of a 36-foot-wide (11 meters) and 20-foot-high (6 m) solar-powered dome in a remote location on the island of Hawaii….

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NASA Europa Mission – Prob May Land on Ocean-Harboring Moon

NASA Europa Mission

NASA Europa Mission – Prob May Land on Ocean-Harboring Moon Researcher did enough research about EUROPA and has good knowledge and they know that its ocean has existed since the dawn of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago, giving putative lifeforms plenty of time to evolve, Hand explained. NASA’s aim to send Europa Mission satellite by mid of 2020, involves characterising the icy satellite from afar during dozens of…

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Where The Solar System End Exist

Where The Solar System End Exist If you thought finding a definition for Pluto was contentious, try defining the edge of the solar system. A press release from the American Geophysical Union (AGU) last week announced that on August 25, 2012, NASA’s Voyager 1, officially entered interstellar space. This milestone comes after speeding across the solar system for 35 years following its landmark flybys of the Jovian and Saturnian system….

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